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Stand With Me If You Want To...
  •  FIND BETTER SALES TAX REVENUE OPTIONS: Let's find innovative ways to increase sales tax revenue opportunities without jeopardizing the historic and unique character of Grapevine with things like apartments and liquor stores. 
  •  SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES: Let's work with existing Grapevine businesses to create a climate for growth and innovation that will serve to provide more employment opportunities here locally.
  •  EMPOWER LOCAL SOCIAL GOOD NON-PROFITS: Partner with organizations that are already doing great things in the city to help bring awareness to their efforts.
  •  EQUIP THE NEXT GENERATION: Equipping the next generation with opportunities to grow through entrepreneurship so that they can navigate and thrive in an uncertain future.
  •  ENGAGE OUR ELDERS: Want to see our elders being connected with younger generations to pass down wisdom and experience that only life experience can provide. I believe this will reinforce honor, character, and humility in our younger generations and will give our elders life, meaning, and purpose.
"Cory Huddleston is a man of character and integrity. He is one of those rare individuals who is willing to serve and stand in the gap to make our community a better place. He reminds me of those men in our nations past who "ran to the sound of gunfire" when our nation called in past conflicts. I recommend Cory for Grapevine City Council."

Chad Hennings
Air Force Veteran and Dallas Cowboys 3-Time Superbowl Champion, President of Wingmen Ministries in Grapevine
Chad Hennings
Can I Count On Your Support?
Hi, I'm Cory Huddleston!
I am honored to be running for Grapevine City Council. I am running because I believe this position deserves someone who can lead with vision, forward and critical thinking, business experience, and who will make decisions based on conservative and traditional values that made Grapevine the great city that it is. I have a young family and want to make sure that Grapevine remains a place that future generations will consider themselves blessed to call home. We have done a great job of stewarding Grapevine into a destination location known around the globe, and keeping it there will present new challenges that demand innovative solutions. 
What Qualifies Me For City Council?
  •  Business experience: I own a digital marketing and media company in Grapevine, and because of that I have hands-on experience with budgeting, investing for ROI, vision and goal setting, time management, creative problem solving, continued innovation and resourcefulness. I understand the complexities of running and growing a business and having employees, which translates well into serving on the council. I understand the changes taking place in regards to the digital retail versus brick-and-mortar retail landscape and can be an asset as awareness of technologies becomes vital to the future of the city.
  •  Family man: I have been married eight years and have a 5-year-old son and 1-year-old daughter. This has taught me the value of what it means to have others depending on me. I see first hand the importance of equipping the next generation for the future through practical and foundational principles will allow them to navigate an uncertain future. 
  •  Seek wisdom: I surround myself with the smartest and wisest people I can. I give authority to a handful of trusted advisors and mentors to keep me in check and call me out if they see something in my life that is out of character.
  •  Serving: Having served in the leadership of Wingmen Ministries for the past nine years among various other volunteer and community outreach opportunities, I value opportunities to serve my community in meaningful and fruitful ways and understand the impact of what just one person can do when there is a clear vision and common purpose.
  •  Constant learning: I have taken the time to sit down with Mayor [William D.] Tate, current city council members, Commissioner Gary Fickes, many Grapevine businesses (of which I am one), Grapevine citizens and influencers, Community Outreach Center Officers on Mustang, etc., to find out as much as possible about current and future needs of the city so that I can be as informed as possible going in and focus on working with my fellow council members and the city manager as to how we can get things done with creative and innovative solutions.
Can I Count On Your Support?

"Cory Huddleston is a great guy; I would really like to see him elected. Grapevine needs a younger and conservative voice. Good luck, my friend!"

Deverick Jordan

"He's definitely got my vote!"

Megan Jordan

"I met Cory Huddleston over 3 years ago. In the past three years I have seen a man with a strong, deep conviction when it comes to his faith and his family. If you spend any length of time with Cory, you will notice quickly that Cory loves his community and the people in it. He is not afraid to stand up for what is right, and is comfortable talking with anyone. Cory Huddleston is extremely passionate when it comes to helping others. I believe Cory Huddleston would be a great asset to sit on the Grapevine City Council."

David Soesbee, Author, Founder and President of What Jesus Did Ministry

"Cory Huddleston is about leadership, integrity and responsibility. Grapevine needs his insight and wisdom to lead and move the city into financial stability and strength."

Ron Ford, Vice President of Advancement at Point of View Radio

"Cory is innovative, creative, he is a builder, and he unleashes the genius in other people. Vote for him!"

Mike Tobias, Business Partner of Cory Huddleston, Co-owner of Lure Studios

"Cory Huddleston is a fantastic young man. He is very strait forward in his ways of thinking and knows ways of advancing for his community to benefit for everyone."

Jack Hittson, Step-Father to Cory Huddleston 

"From the time Cory was two, one of his favorite things to say was, "I have an idea!" He didn't just have an idea of something he wanted to do, he had a plan on how to do it and has always been a goal oriented individual who takes the bull by the horns. Giving up is not an option.

 He's a man with strong faith, old school values  with a twist of modern flare. Honesty, dependability, and ambition for success make Cory a perfect candidate for your community. You see, he chose to settle down and raise his family in Grapevine August of 2012 and found it an easy choice. 

If you want a strong leader...a man of integrity who is an innovative out of the box thinker, then Cory Huddleston is the man for the job! Elect Cory Huddleston - Place 6 Grapevine, TX May 6th!"

Tonia Hittson, Mother of Cory Huddleston

"I have known Cory Huddleston several years and have found him to be a man of integrity, dependable and a man of his word. These are qualities a Grapevine city councilman should have."

Pat Williford

"I support the great Cory Huddleston all day, every day and twice on Sunday. Do yourself a favor Grapevine and elect a real man of principle, character and honesty to help guide your city. You won't regret it. Guys like this don't come around often."

Chris Putnam, Colleyville Mayor Pro Tem and dedicated movement conservative

"I support the great Cory Huddleston all day, every day and twice on Sunday. Do yourself a favor Grapevine and elect a real man of principle, character and honesty to help guide your city. You won't regret it. Guys like this don't come around often."

Chris Putnam, Colleyville Mayor Pro Tem and dedicated movement conservative

"Elect Cory Huddleston, Grapevine City Council!"

George Dodson, Candidate for Colleyville City Council Place 4

"Cory Huddleston is a Godly man of impeccable character and integrity and will serve the citizens of Grapevine with honor. He will keep your interests ahead of all others. When you think of voting for a true conservative who you can trust, he's the choice you should make."

David Medlin - Empower Texans 2016 Conservative Leader Award recipient, Colleyville grass root citizen activist.

"Cory Huddleston is the right man for any responsibility considerable of great character. He has a sincere desire to better the world and people around him through servant leadership. Elect Cory Huddleston for Grapevine City Council!"

Justin Young

Can I Count On Your Support?
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